The utterly buttery appeal of butter

Losar Tashi Delek! Wishing all you wonderful people a very Happy New Year – the year of the Sheep! I’m starting this new year by reblogging an old post that highlights the Tibetan’s love for butter. May your new year be as rich and fulfilling as a dish made with dollops of butter!


Tibetans are well-known for their piousness and lesser known for being thorough butter enthusiasts.

Ma, as butter is called in Tibetan, or SoMa, if you prefer to use the honorific term, is a chief occupant in any refrigerator at a Tibetan home and the primary ingredient in many a recipe. If you, per chance, happened to study the contents of such a fridge, it is highly likely that you will find in there more than one variety of butter — salted butter, churned butter, cultured butter, unsalted butter, and ghee.

Many non-Tibetans, who’ve been fooled thus far by the relatively butter-free Momo(s) and Thukpa(s) of Tibetan food, would be horrified to learn that Tibetans use butter liberally in their food. It’s a wonder most Tibetans are not bursting from their seams at the rate at which we dunk dollops of butter into seemingly unsuspecting bowls of soup and the relatively unwary salted Tibetan tea…

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