The blog post about the blog

I am a terrible writer! Let me establish that from the very beginning. That way, you’re unlikely to visit my blog to read beautifully scripted lines about the now-not-so-mystical Tibet and its people. However, I do hope you will visit my blog for three main reasons:

  1. To read honest-to-God truths about being a Tibetan — the good, the bad, and the ugly (of it) — with no self- or others-imposed censorship whatsoever. The Tibetan culture, language and heritage is undoubtedly unique, one that has exhibited its resilience over the many decades in exile by remaining true to its traditional form, while continuously adapting positively to the changing times we live in. Still, there are some pertinent issues that need to be addressed, and I look forward to asking those hard questions, or if not anything else, bringing them to light in this blog.
  2. To understand and experience the lives of ordinary Tibetans, our hopes, our dreams and our ambitions, most of which may very well be quite like yours, with the only difference being that, as Tibetans, we were born with the additional responsibility of furthering our cause in every way we can. So I hope to share with you the many challenges we face and overcome as many Tibetans like me try (or in most times, struggle) to cope with having to simultaneously lead two separate lives — 1) involves working hard at your everyday job to ensure you make enough to put food on your table, and 2) involves answering the call to work and contribute towards the greater cause for Tibet.
  3. To read about Tibetan achievers — young and old — through profiles, interviews and guest posts. Many of our Tibetan friends appear to have this preconceived notion that the majority of the Tibetan people are non-English speaking, illiterates, who are always seen holding a string of prayer beads in one hand, murmuring a prayer quietly (and some cases, not so quietly) to oneself. It’s interesting that while we are a very religious community, we now have our fair share of atheists, highlighting just one example of the sea of changes that have engulfed the community. Some of these changes have been positive, producing a slew of achievers in various fields. I hope to be able to share their stories with you through this blog.

Is there something you’d like to know about Tibet and Tibetans. If so, take this poll. I’ll be sure to user your feedback to write about the things you’d like to read about.


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